Jay Cutler is not the Answer

cutler vs moore
“Photo via Miami Herald”

When Ryan Tannehill went down, the fans sunk into a depressed and defeated attitude. Many gave up on the 2017 season before it even began. It is clear that this was apparent to the Miami Dolphins management. In an effort to restore hope for the 2017 season, the Miami Dolphins have signed Jay Cutler. Although there were other options in the free agent market like Colin Kaepernick, Jay Cutler is Miami’s only true option.

Colin Kaepernick does have more upside to an older Jay Cutler. Kaepernick is more mobile and could lead to more dangerous offense. However, Colin Kaepernick was never an option for the Dolphins. Colin Kaepernick disqualified himself for ever being a Miami Dolphins player, and it had nothing to do with his protest of sitting for the national anthem. Last year at a press conference, Kaepernick wore a Malcolm X t-shirt with a picture of Fidel Castro on it. The shirt also read, “great minds think alike.” And although people might overlook this as no big deal, the Miami population is 34% Cuban. Many of those citizens were split from their families at a young age, and remember the awful things Castro did to them. Football is a business whether you see it that way or not. It would be short sighted by the ownership to overlook the Cuban population. By bringing in one player that is average at best at his position, you would lose support from over a third of the city.

Jay Cutler does already know the system that Miami is running and could play tomorrow if need be. Cutler played with Adam Gase who was the Bears Offensive Coordinator over the 2015 season. Jay Cutler also had the best season in his career under Adam Gase. During that year under Adam Gase, Cutler threw for 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. He also had a career best passer rating of 92.3 and he completed 64.4% of his passes. These aren’t glamorous stats by any means but this shows he can be a little above average under the right coaching.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t get your hopes up for the 2017 season just yet. After Tannehill went down with that knee injury in week 14 last year, Matt Moore did a solid job behind center. In the last 3 regular season games, Matt Moore completed 63.2% of his passes. He threw for 721 yards, 8 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions with a passer rating of 105.6. These are solid numbers for any quarterback in the NFL, and was good enough to propel the Dolphins into a playoff spot. He was able to come up big when it counted as he proved vs the Bills in week 16. With both teams fighting to stay in the playoff race, Matt Moore lead a drive with under 2 minutes left to position the Dolphins kicker in a good enough spot to tie the game up at 31 and send the game into overtime. They went on to win the game 34-31 which gave them a spot in the Wild Card.

Matt Moore also was the quarterback during Miami’s playoff loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers. And although the Dolphins got ripped up like sushi that game, it wasn’t because of Matt Moore. The Miami defense was about as useful as a wet paper bag containing Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell of the Steelers. Le’Veon Bell rushed for a playoff record, 167 yards that game and also had 2 touchdowns. Antonio Brown had 5 receptions for 124 yards and 2 touchdowns. In that game Matt Moore completed 80.6% of his passes and ended with a 97.8 passer rating. He was able to throw for 289 yards despite getting massacred midway through the second quarter by Bud Dupree that surely was a concussion. Somehow, he was able to come back into the game where he led solid drives while probably seeing 22 Steelers defenders. Every time the Dolphins started gaining momentum, they gave the ball away. Matt Moore had one bad interception, but his 2 fumbles were not Moore’s fault as the offensive lineman let just about every Steelers player get a clean hit on Moore.

I don’t know how Cutler will bring any more experience in the playoffs if the Dolphins can even make it that far. Cutler has 1 playoff win in his career. Cutler is a similar quarterback to Matt Moore production wise and yet the Dolphins just paid Cutler 5 times more for this season than Moore will receive. It’s appalling that the Dolphins organization has this much faith in a guy who looks like Jabba The Hut in shoulder pads. Bringing in an out of shape and un-motivated quarterback should not give fans any more hope this season. This signing is one that coaches and general managers get fired for, so don’t be surprised if there are more organizational changes within the Dolphins front office at the end of the season.

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