Bills Trade Watkins in Surprising Deal


One day after their pre-season opener, the Buffalo Bills have sent Sammy Watkins to the LA Rams in exchange for CB E.J. Gaines and a 2018 second round pick. The Bills didn’t stop there, acquiring Jordan Mathews and a 2018 third round pick from the Eagles in exchange for CB Ronald Darby in a separate deal.

As much as the deal is shocking it is really bizarre. The Bills practically swapped position players that were worse than what they had. Darby and Watkins are far better than Gaines and Mathews, It really doesn’t make sense. The one thing I take away from this is that the Bills don’t truly believe they can win right now. For lack of a better term, I would say this Bills team is in a slight rebuild. I don’t think head coach Sean Mcdermott is too high on Tyrod Taylor, he views him more as the best option right now.

Why I call it a rebuild is the Bills are now ridiculously stacked with draft picks. Last year they made the trade with the Chiefs to get their first rounder in 2018, so that leaves them with two first round picks, two second round picks and two third round picks. With an early indication that there is great talent coming into the draft next year the Bills are in a prime position to really improve their team. Mcdermott is in a great position where he can build the team that he wants for the future. Unfortunately, this upcoming season is looking as if it will be mediocre. It’s important that the Bills gain some talent in the coming years in order to not waste the talent of veterans on the team, especially Shady McCoy.

For the Eagles and Rams, they both gained great talent with giving up decent value but it was far worth it. The Eagles get a great corner with Darby that really bolsters a sub-par secondary. He should also help the progression of Sidney Jones and that secondary could be dangerous in the near future.

The Rams gave up a little bit more to get a star player like Watkins. Watkins teams up with Robert Woods again and Jared Goff actually has solid weapons going into the season. I worry about the injury issues for Watkins but if he can stay healthy, it will end up being a great trade. Goff and Watkins will of course need to work on their chemistry but that will come with time.

Usually we don’t see blockbuster deals like this so for once the fans get an interesting storyline other than one that makes everyone uncomfortable when it’s brought up. Along with this, LA gets another star in Watkins and Watkins might get the best upgrade of all time moving from Buffalo to LA.

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