The Giant Conundrum

In just about every pre-season power rankings for the NFL in existence, the New York football Giants were in the top 10, if not top five. Touted as one of the best defenses in the NFL and an electric offense, the Giants quickly proved that everyone was (mostly) wrong. The embarrassing 0-2 start has infuriated fans to the point where the team was booed of the field, at home. To give credit where credit is due, the defense has put up the league’s third best defense through two weeks. The issue is the offense, ranking 26th in the league it seems as if Eli Manning is no longer competent enough to lead a football team to a title.

For all anyone knows, this could be a bit of a fluke and shortly Manning and the Giants will figure it out. For the sake of this article however, we’ll say it isn’t a fluke and the struggling offense continues through at least week 7 and playoff hopes are little to none.

If the Giants do in fact find themselves in a position of missing the playoffs and having a top 15 pick the organization could be in a bit of a flux. It’s hard to see Mcadoo staying another year if he does miss the playoffs, especially if the team is already being booed during week 2. The team could stay with Manning, attempt to bolster their joke of an Offensive line and probably end up in the same position as they’re in right now.

So here is what I suggest. As crazy as the idea sounds, the team should trade Odell Beckham Jr. I know, what the hell am I thinking, but hear me out.

Beckham is going to demand loads of money at the end of the season regardless of how the season turns out. The Giants do have him for this season and next under contract and could use the tag on him for two more so It wouldn’t be shocking if they hold out on paying him as much as he wants. But why not rip the Band-Aid off right away, make him someone else’s problem.

In doing this the Giants would free up a lot of future cap space and more importantly get, at the very least, a first round pick in compensation. In a trade it could very well turn out to be multiple first round picks and maybe even a second. The team could then move forward into a small rebuild. Get a great talent for their offensive line, bolster their already good defense and yes, take a young prodigy to eventually replace Eli Manning. They could even find a future RB as well because we all see the worthless piece of drek the team is putting in the backfield.

With all the cap space they would not be filling with Odell’s contract, the team would focus on top free agents and polished veterans to mentor the bulk of rookies that would be drafted. With the historically stacked QB class coming out into the draft it could be crucial for the organization to jump on one of the prospects that every scout is calling a franchise QB.

The outcome of this could very well be spectacular for the Giants organization. In the best case scenario, they fill most of the needs of the team, they keep their good defense and turn it into a great one, they have a Franchise QB, a good offensive line and they’re back to being a top contender.

Of course that’s in a perfect world. However, the Giants don’t need the best case scenario. In all likelihood, this wouldn’t become a dumpster fire. The Team would completely revamp and not only be better for the now but for the coming years.

I’m not saying this is going to happen, realistically it won’t even be considered in that front office. As barbaric as it is to trade away the face of your organization, it may be the best thing for this Giants team. A move that might, just might, bring the team back to glory.

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